mySop - A free front end GUI for SopCasts for Linux x86

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Source: mySop-0.1-src.tbz
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If you've noticed that Facebook's uploading widget is somewhat brutal when downscaling your images, the below app might be of use to those of you with a lot photos to upload. Using their backup html form is tedious for anything more than a handful of pictures. So, I've created a simple app that can bulk upload photos to your account, taking the manual effort out of the task. It also gets around the 60 photo upload limit by splitting large uploads into consecutive albums of 60.

You'll need Python 2.4 to use this. I've packaged up the other stuff you'll need pyFacebook and EasyGUI. I've tested it on Mac OS X using XDarwin, I'd expect it to work on Windows and other Unix distros too. Let me know if you have any issues with it. v0.1a.

If you have a habit of talking movie clips on your camera in portait aspect only to get them home to watch them sideways, then this little tool is handy. It takes in MJPEG camera movies, DivXs them to a sensible size without sacrificing much quality and has a rotate option to change for example a 640x480 movie shot in portrait to a 480x640 movie. The package includes EasyGui, as I'm too lazy to write a proper GUI for it - but you'll need to install the wonderful 'mencoder' yourself - Google is your friend here, there's loads of mencoder how-tos so I won't repeat them here. Should work on any platform you can get mencoder and Python 2.4+ for. I tested it on Kubuntu 7.04 - all was dandy.

RotateAndDivX.tbz v0.1a

Philip Beadling, 2007.